Pizza Night with the Teenagers

After two teenagers are dropped off, and a third shows up on the doorstep, a Dr. Weird is sent off to grab a pizza to feed the guests (no not Burger King, blech). Over the pizza, they share a bit of of their past.

Samuel Troyer – Lives in a Amish village in Iowa. Samuel is over six feet tall with reddish hair and brown eyes and is fairly muscular. He is well behaved and has a quiet confidence about him. Apollo and Helda notice, when he is flying, there is a noticeable draft of wind and a crackle of electricity in the air.

“Only my parents know about my powers, although I am sought for much work already in my village; raising houses, tending crops and working with animals. The animals I work with often end up having twins and even triplets sometimes, but I do not know why. It is not our way to keep secrets, so if anyway asked if I had these powers, I am not sure what I would say.”

“As I mentioned, I was hit by a car. When I came to, in a few minutes, I felt fine, but the car was pretty much destroyed. The man and woman in the car had fled; the car smelled heavily of alcohol and I assume they thought I was dead. I searched for them for a hour, but was my heart was not full of malice. I thought perhaps they had been injured.”

“I do read the newspaper sometimes and found that there are others like me in the world. My parents want me stay in the village, but will not command me to do so. It is my decision. I have asked God for guidance, but my way is not clear.”

Viera Williams – Daughter of Mega Girl and Kyle Williams (Blue Bomber). Viera is five feet six inches, with light brown skin and brown eyes. She’s does not reveal if she has super powers, or what they are.

“So, people in costumes flying around and picking up buildings is pretty much all I’ve ever known. I went to public school until I was 10, but then I kinda became a target for lots of crazy villains. Nowadays I sometimes come along with my mom when she’s out. Which drives my dad nuts. He wants me to stay out of the “super” lifestyle, for now at least."

“Since mom’s going out to the edge of the solar system to do something important, apparently, I couldn’t go with. There have been funny things going on recently, and she doesn’t seem to trust some of her friends. I think she thought I’d be better off with people there are “out of the loop”, so here I am."

“Don’t worry too much about me, I’m used to thinking quick on my feet and staying out of harm’s way.”

Jake Donna – Son of Bella Donna and presumably Electron (Mr. Sparkles). Jake Donna is 5’ 10", is pale white with dark hair. He is eager and excited to be in the city.

“This HQ is radical! I’m sure glad to be off of the island. Don’t get me wrong, I like my home but it’s time for me to stretch my wings. I haven’t talked to many people not from the island, but I’ve watched tons of TV and have an wicked computer with Windows 2.0 and I’m on CompuServe all the time.”

“I knew I was different at an early age. I actually didn’t hatch in a pod like my brothers and sisters. I have a ton of friends in school and I totally miss them, but I have a pager and I’ve been keeping touch.”

“My mom has never said anything bad about Mr. Electron, she just didn’t see how he would fit into my life. I’m hoping they have a chance to talk sometime, my mom is cool.”

“I mainly a regular guy, but I’ve got some mad art skills and I make living sculptures from trees and plants. I can show you, is there a tree nearby that no one will miss?”

Pizza Night with the Teenagers

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